By Marc Campos

Major Screw-up
By Marc Campos

You don't expect this from one of the most disciplined administrations in the last forty years. The Department of Homeland Security is arguably one of the most important in government. So how does a guy get nominated to lead this department that is accused of having ties to the mob, had two extramarital affairs - at the same time, did not report gifts he received as New York City's Police Commissioner, did not pay his nanny's payroll taxes, probably knew the nanny was an undocumented immigrant, and wrote his autobiography but left out any mention of a marriage at age 24 - he did write about his other two marriages.

This is called vetting minus the "etting". Bernard Kerick says it his fault. Blame should be heaped on W and his staff. We suspect after the election they got the big head, maybe thought they were bulletproof, got lazy, and dropped the ball. You can't do this when dealing with homeland security.

Don't forget Rudy Giuliani. He recommended the guy. Prior to this incident, Giuliani was one of those guys who thought his doodoo did not stink. He is in business with Kerick. This lapse in judgment will put a major dent in his longshot bid to become the GOP's presidential nominee in 2008.

It makes us wonder if we are winning the war against terrorism.

December 14, 2004, 9:00AM

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