By Marc Campos

Ole Jose! Run-off Voters

I was very impressed with the turnout for Jose Medrano’s, candidate for State Representative, District 148 kick-off reception last night. Over 100 enthusiastic supporters showed up. Hey, the best parking place I could find was about three blocks away. The Young Guns were well represented. Folks from the district, two former HISD School Board Presidents, lawyers, bankers, engineers, and other professionals were in the crowd. There were a lot of good Dems in attendance. The event atmosphere had a definite winning aura. A lot of folks that have participated in recent successful campaigns showed up. Good for Jose!

The Chron reads Commentary, of course. They have a story today on the Montrose precincts going big time for Wanda Adams in the H-Town City Council, District D run-off.

In Houston there are 915,955 registered voters. Only 24,663 of us voted in last Saturday’s runoff or a 2.69 % turnout. I’m glad Dante and I voted twice.

There were 11 precincts out of 724 that turned out in double digits - the highest was 17.53 %. All of these precincts were either in H-Town City Council Districts D (Adams/Allen), E (Sullivan/Dwyer) or the HISD District (Galloway/Yarbrough).

There were a few precincts that came in at under 1%. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

The GOP Prez wannabee debate was on CNN yesterday afternoon and I kind of was checking it out and that Allan Keyes fella was there. Hey, when did he get in the race?

It looks like Commentary’s photographer Tessa has the best Christmas card again. She and her Eric did a take on The Beatles’ “Let It Be” album and John’s “so this is Christmas” tune. Tessa’s cool.

The Golden Globes came out with their list today and Andy Griffith’s role in “Waitress” was left off – bummer. Some movies that I have checked out with My Brown Eyed Girl made the list including “American Gangster”, “Michael Clayton”, “Hairspray”, “The Brave One”, and “No Country for Old Men.” Javier Bardem, who makes Commentary’s list for one of the all time movie bad guys/gals up there with Hannibal and The Wicked Witch got a nomination.

Welcome to H-Town Miguel “Miggi” Tejada. Wow! Numero 10! We have us a shortstop that can hit! Plus, he seems to be excited about playing in H-Town. Let’s see – we have a Latino in left field, a Latino at shortstop, an African American in center field, and an Asian at second base. Now that’s cool. Si Se Puede! Now I need to find out how to say “Si Se Puede” in Japanese.

We still don’t have us a closer. Heck, do we have anybody left that we can trade?

December 13, 2007 9:00AM

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