By Marc Campos

He Rocks And Everything Else

I’m talking about Ciro Rodriguez this morning. A lot of us had buried and forgot to praise Ciro earlier this year and I guess he showed us. Good for him and good for Dems. Another one of DeLay’s henchmen goes down the toilet. Let’s see who gets blamed by DeLay this time. How do they say “adios” in GOPspeak?

Sorry pals, you just don’t come across as the cavalry coming over the hill to save the day. I’m talking about the feds yesterday sweeping down on meatpacking plants and rounding up paperless folks. I guess I’ll have to have my eggs without sausage in the mornings for a while. I better watch out, the feds might decide to raid the chicken farms today and I’ll be down to eating raisin bran for breakfast.

From the Somebody Get This Guy A Consultant Dept.: There is a dumba__, errr fella here in Houston that is planning on running for the Houston City Council for the Sekula-Gibbs vacancy or against The Young Gun. His name is Andy Neill and he says he’s a big shot with the Houston Downtown Alliance’s Emerging Leaders group. He sent out an email a few days ago talking about a trip to Vegas he recently took – it includes a photo of him with a Playboy Bunny at the Vegas Playboy Club – cringe! He says it’s a cool place and encourages folks to visit the club. The Young Political Consultant That Works …..told me that this oppo research was a little too easy. Get a dog, trust me, it looks a lot better in a campaign brochure than standing by a Playboy Bunny.

Hey, Channel 11’s Dougie is celebrating his 50th this evening at The Roundtable gathering place – be there.

“A proven commodity” says the Chron sports headline talking about the ‘Stros new pitcher, Jason Jennings. I like the deal even though Willy T. was a favorite of mine. That means Chris Burke will be given a shot in center field – I don’t know about that. At least Drayton and the folks that run the yard pay attention to their fans and are trying to make something happen, I can’t say that about, errr never mind.

Tiger won his 8th, I repeat 8th PGA Golfer of the Year Award – a dynasty for sure.

More on Christmas tunes: The Three Tenors put out a Christmas CD a few years ago. It’s pretty good, except for one cut – The Three Tenors don’t have any business singing “Feliz Navidad” – period.

Speaking of Feliciano – the answer is 21 and 18. That’s how many times Jose says ‘Feliz Navidad” and “I want to wish you a Merry Chistsmas” respectively in his Christmas tune hit – I counted them last night.

“Santa Claus and His Old Lady” is a classic. The 24 hour a day local Christmas tune station hasn’t played it yet. Maybe they have something against Cheech and Chong.


December 13, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary