By Marc Campos

Sorry Vandals, The Kinky Doll, Ouch

St. Alphonsus Church, located in Houston's Manchester community, was vandalized over this past weekend. A statue of the Virgin Mary was spray painted in red with Satanic symbols. It is one thing to spray paint graffiti on the sides of buildings, trains or on freeway exit signs, but when you start messing with God's personal belongings, you're pushing your luck.

The Mayor Pro Tem, who represents the Manchester community, is coming to the rescue by helping raise funds to remove the paint from the statue. She grew up a few houses from the church. 'Tis the season, if you feel like helping out the Mayor Pro Tem, give her office a call.

Got to hand it to the Kinky Friedman Campaign for Governor - the action figure ads that are airing are pretty clever. The ads are giving Friedman some run in various media outlets throughout the state.

You know things are bad for the Texans when fans are suggesting that they are losing games on purpose just so they can get the top draft choice. Please fellas, don't start winning now.

December 13, 2005, 9:00AM

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