By Marc Campos

Red Lights and Giuliani's Scam
By Marc Campos

Here's a letter to the Chron. Commentary supports the red light cameras, but we too have a problem with car owners having to pay a fine if somebody else borrowed their car, ran a red light, then the car owner gets a notice to pay the fine. What do you think?

Letter to the Editor
Houston Chronicle, 12/12/04

Just raising money

Since I have been involved in several near-misses because of red-light runners, I support the need for cameras at red lights. However, the way the city wants to fine offenders is just wrong.

The city plans to fine whoever owns a car that is photographed running a red light no matter who was driving it! What is this, just another way to raise money? That's what it sounds like.

When you lend your car to someone and they get caught speeding, the driver is ticketed not the car owner. So why is the car owner now going to receive the ticket if someone borrows the car and runs a red light in the owner's vehicle? And what will happen when a car is stolen? Will the owner be fined for every red light the thief runs? Have we gotten to the point where it is OK to punish an innocent person for another person's crime?

Why not make the cameras show the face of the driver? The police can then take the photograph of the driver and compare it to the vehicle's owner and determine exactly who was driving and who, therefore, should pay for breaking the law.


On another note, it looks like Rudy Giuliani's guy, Bernard Kerik, forgot to disclose to the White House some very interesting things. A nanny's immigration status, a nanny's taxes, and gifts he forgot to report as police commissioner are ethical tidbits that forced the Homeland Security nominee to withdraw from consideration. He had been touted by Giuliani. More embarrassing revelations are expected.

Turns out Giuliani's company is training the police force in Baghdad. No wonder Giuliani campaigned so hard for W. Keep those war contracts coming.

December 13, 2004, 9:00AM

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