By Marc Campos

Playing Games

Don’t you love the way GOP members of Congress are playing Russian roulette with the auto industry. Hey, what are 3 million jobs anyway? When we passed the $700 billion bailout earlier this year, how come the GOP members didn’t press the insurance giants and banks to cut wages of their execs? The GOP is telling the auto workers – “hey, you want our help, lower your standard of living.” Tsk, tsk, tsk!

There are now 11 candidates for Texas House Speaker. Something is going to give pretty soon. Commentary hopes that this process all unfolds in broad daylight. I really don’t want a secret ballot on this race. A secret ballot goes against the principles of open government and the Democratic Party. Commentary prefers courage over secrecy.

It snowed and kind of froze Wednesday evening here in H-Town but someone forgot to tell County and TexDot road crews because nobody put out any of that de-icing stuff so we had quite a few traffic jams and fender benders.

It looks like H-Town’s Mayor is going to let us know Monday if it is a U.S. Senate or Governor’s race. We could have two prominent Dems running and we still don’t have any idea when the election will be.

Commentary succumbed to the temptation and went on the GQ site to check out all the hubba hubba about the Jennifer Aniston photo shoot. She actually looks pretty good wearing Calvin Klein dude undies – yikes!

The ‘Stros picked up a catcher yesterday – 26-year old Louis Palmisano born in Utica, New York who has yet to play in a major league game – yikes! Tejada is still with us but expect some news today from The Yard.

December 12, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary