By Marc Campos

Courthouse Dream Team?

Somebody needs to tell Commentary what’s the deal with the Dem Judicial Dream Team that is being put together here in Harris County. Who’s on the secret committee that is putting together the dream team? Who’s the chair? Who put the committee together? When do they meet? Where do they meet? Do they have a website? Who put together the Dream Team formula? Who are the Latinos on the secret committee? Who are the women? Who are the Gays/Lesbians? Is there a membership fee? Who is representing Commentary’s interest? Did someone tell CEWDEM about this? Did someone tell Holly? Is D-Jones involved? Are they going to send out orders telling us what to do? Are they going to tell us what petitions to autograph? Are they going to act like the CIA and destroy the interrogation tapes? Are they some sort of secretive star chamber? How come the local Dem Party newsletter hasn’t told us about them? Do political dream teams even work?

Look, we haven’t had a competitive Dem Primary here in Harris County in over a decade. Why don’t we just see how March 4, 2008 plays out before we start artificially constructing things – if you know what I mean?

Speaking of, local attorney Kyle Carter is running for the 125th (I think) here in Harris County as a Dem? Kyle is a real good guy that Commentary has known since he was a kid. Kyle is one of David A’s (Commentary’s Nephew) best friends. Kyle has a history of giving money to Dem candidates and he would make a real good judge. Help him out please!

The Chicago Cubs signed Japanese right fielder Kosuke Fukudome to a four year deal. I wonder what kind of nickname he’ll get.

The Christmas cards are starting to land in Commentary’s mailbox. One says “’tis the season to charge!” – you guessed it, from my friend Drayton.

Speaking of the same old story, James Rodriguez will not - I repeat, will not - be the ‘Stros closer. He has other commitments next season.

December 12, 2007 9:00AM

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