By Marc Campos

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Yesterday’s Chron had a story about Austin based lobbyists wanting reform in the campaign giving department in Texas races – huh! The unnamed lobbyists don’t like that The Trials, The Voucher King, and The Local Home Builder give mega mils to office holders and candidates and have all this super access…..awwww! Excuse me while I get me a kleenex. Guess they want the access field to themselves. It would be nice if the “unnamed” lobbyists put their names out there – Commentary would like to see a face.

Well, this is the kind of representation Commentary doesn’t like to see. There are five Latinos on the list of The Top Ten Texas Deadbeat Dads – 50% - not good in the child support paying department.

You have to hand to DeLay, he’s not planning on going away. He wants to continue to be a player. Let’s just see how far right his game plan gets him.

I don’t need to say anymore on The Vince stuff. The Chron has a front page story today and there is a killer cartoon in the Sports section.

I don’t need to say anything else on the Andy Pettitte bon voyage deal either. John Lopez had a good column in yesterday’s Chron.

They are starting to hand out awards for best movies of the year and one of Commentary’s picks, “World Trade Center”, isn’t getting any run. “United 93” is getting recognized – I’m cool with that.

Christmas tunes – ‘tis the season for them. Have you ever wondered what you’re singing about? For instance, who in the heck is Good King Wenceslas, you know the fella that looked out on the feast of Stephen. The dude, errr duke actually existed. He was the Duke of Bohemia about 1000 years ago and supposedly did some good stuff.

How about Santa’s reindeer eight, errr nine of them? The first eight are actually 183 years old and their maker was a fella named Clement C. Moore. Rudolph is 67 years young and his creator was Robert L. May who used to work for Montgomery Ward.

Myrrh– why myrrh? It’s nice smelling gum resin from a tree. These guys were kings, is myrrh the best they could come up with?

Commentary’s got a tree up. I used to have a Mark McGuire tree ornament that I’m not using this year. I don’t need my tree getting into the ‘roid debate. Speaking of debate, The Young Political Consultant That……and I were having the discussion about the “X” word – you know, Christmas without the Christ. I don’t use it, I think. Believe it or not, the “X” word is over 450 years young. “X” actually is a symbol for Christ in Greek, I think. I don’t believe it.


December 12, 2006, 9:00AM

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