By Marc Campos

The Run-offs

In the H-Town City Council District D run-off this past Saturday, in the Montrose precincts, Wanda Adams 924 votes, Lawrence Allen 126 votes – yikes. Adams won the race by 969 votes. The Montrose margin was pretty lopsided if you ask Commentary. I’m sure there are a few takes out there on why Montrose’s support for Adams was so lopsided. Congrats go to Adams and her supporters like Holly and the Campaign Skipper who worked the Montrose precincts.

Meanwhile, Latinos stayed home big time on Election Day. In an East End precinct – 30 votes, a Denver Harbor box – 32, North Side – 14, Second Ward – 16. Latinos didn’t feel inspired to go vote even though there was a Latino on the ballot. Again, it takes a campaign to generate interest.

In an HISD school board run-off race, former H-Town City Council member and School Board member and Commentary friend Carol Mims Galloway handily beat her opponent, former H-Town City Council member Michael Yarbrough – whew! HISDNation was sweating this race. Yarbrough has his own way of handling business like campaign contribution and expenditure reports and he probably would have figured out how to take ownership of a couple of schools if given the opportunity.

Huckleberry shot up in the polls yesterday. Let’s see if he can handle the scrutiny.

Meanwhile – only in the Lone Star State – I’m talking about a Texas State House Committee meeting about who gets to watch the Dallas Cowboys on TV. Let’s see now our public schools are under funded, college tuition is going up, not everyone has access to health care, we don’t have enough money for our highway system, electric rates are shocking us, and the NFL Network isn’t on the basic cable tier – all vital public policy matters that need to be addressed.

Speaking of, hope you caught Usher’s rendition of Gene Kelly’s “Singin’ in the Rain” Friday night on the tube. That was a first rate performance.

We still don’t have a closer. Speaking of, there will be a Houston City Council District I celebration at The Yard on January 2nd. That’s the day James Rodriguez takes office. I’ll have more on that later.

December 11, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary