By Marc Campos

M-0-R-O-N-S, The Dean And The Woodlands, Chron E-Board Reads …., Andy And The Chile, Tatcho Time

Go on ahead and take my wife while you are at it. That’s what was said in unison by the Texans’ front office know it alls yesterday about Vince. Yuk, yuk, yuk! Hey, you think you’re so smart this morning. NFL Nation thinks you ought to have a brain transplant. Even though the procedure has never been attempted, what harm could it do to those fellas on Kirby Drive? How do you spell M-O-R-O-N-S?

Looks like The Dean isn’t ready to say OK to The Woodlands deal. OK, I can handle that. The Dean wants to make sure that H-Town doesn’t give away too much. Great line from The Dean – “The Woodlands would be nothing but a deer lease if it weren’t for the city of Houston. Residents of The Woodlands enjoy the golden goose of Houston.” Ouch! Looks like this might not be a done deal after all. I’ll trust The Dean on this one.

Speaking of The Dean, Commentary got dissed big time yesterday in the Chron’s editorials. The E-Board came out against Houston’s Mayor not wanting to call a Special Election to fill the Sekula-Gibbs Houston City Council vacancy – says The Dean will oppose The Mayor’s legislation – no mention about Commentary’s position. Hey, I was there first.

Then the E-Board says “I told you so” re The Vince’s visit to Reliant. Hey, that was my line last Friday – wasn’t it?

The U.S. House wrapped up its GOPredator investigation and nobody got punished – huh? I guess they thought the election was enough punishment. If you ask me, I think they fumbled on this one. Who do I text message to register my complaint?

OK, so Andy Pettitte went for the big buckos from a New York team. Sound familiar? Remember when Carlos Beltran went for the big buckos from a New York team a couple of years ago? Then ‘Stros fans skewered Carlos big time. I wonder if Pettitte will also be skewered. Probably not cause HE HAS BLUE EYES, errr I mean he’s a local fella. Come on now, let’s be equal opportunity skewerers.

The ultimate chile so to speak, I’m talking about the former Chilean dictator Pinocchio who finally got his due. I wonder if his nose will keep growing while he’s six feet under, kind of like your hair and fingernails.

“It’s Tatcho, not taco!” I was there. Check out LoRod’s piece in today’s Chron about U of H’s Dr. Mindiola. There is a mention of the Tatcho/Taco incident years ago involving My Best Friend. It was one of those deals where I was ready to burst with laughter and I had to leave the room because I could not control myself. It was a classic four star screw up.


December 11, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary