By Marc Campos

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk!

Yikes! The Illinois Dem Governor’s auction got off on the wrong foot yesterday. No doubt about it, he has to be the biggest dumbarse in U.S. of A. politics today. The idiot knew the feds were on his arse and he was still allegedly trying to cut some very bad deals.

I think we all know what that Sptizer fella would be getting for Hillary’s seat if he was still the Guv of the Empire State – yikes!

Somebody that Commentary thinks a lot of and trusts called yesterday to pass on some info on the campaign to replace the GOP Tax Fella. The latest – he says – is that a former elected that defected to the other side is in the running – interesting. One thing is for sure, Dems would have fun running against this fella in 2010.

My buddy Vince Ryan, the soon to be Harris County Attorney, got his arse kicked yesterday by the Commissioners’ Court. Check it out. Vince apparently was trying to add folks to his staff. I don’t know about running as a reform candidate and then asking for 800 thousand to add staff before taking office. Why not just get rid of 800 thousand worth of staff that were working for the GOP County Attorney? Why not do something novel like reorganizing or restructuring?

As of this morning, the ‘Stros still have Tejada, Wiggintonner, and Green Valley and Commentary will be going to a holiday gathering at The Yard this evening.

December 10, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary