By Marc Campos

Balls of Holly

‘Tis the season! Commentary’s Balls of Holly Award goes to H-Town City Council Member Sue Lovell. She put them on the line and came up big with soon to be CMs Jolanda Jones and Wanda Adams. She helped out with money, endorsements and organization. Sue was also there for James Rodriguez. Way to go Sue!

Jolanda Jones trounced her opponent Joe Trevino by a 2 to I margin. Trevino didn’t have a campaign to speak of – just a couple or three Latino electeds endorsed him – but it really didn’t matter. Trevino never really mounted a campaign.

It is going to be interesting to see the precinct by precinct returns on the At-Large race as well as the District D race that saw Wanda Adams beat a legislator’s kid. Was Montrose the decider in D?

The local Latino Dem organization also came out ahead by endorsing Jones and Adams. Their endorsement committee originally came out for Zaf Tahir the immigrant basher and Lawrence Allen – whew, glad it was overturned!

Now there will be 4 African Americans on City Council – up from 3. There will only be 2 Latinos on Council – down from 3.

It looks like my buddy Burt took an arse whipping this weekend – yikes!

Commentary will now be on a quest to find a Latino candidate for an At-Large Council position. The Ron Green seat will be open and maybe the Peter Brown seat – if Peter runs for Mayor. Care to join me? Let’s see if the Latino leadership can get their act together and coalesce behind a good candidate. Who knows, maybe we can even get our act together and elect a Latino to Congress someday.

Speaking of, James Rodriguez supporters Albert and Liza Alonzo welcomed a new voter last Monday 12/3. His name is Liam Albert. Liam is a good name for the ‘hood.

Speaking of, Commentary’s friend Jose Medrano is running for State Representative, District 148 in the Dem Primary. Jessica Farrar is the incumbent. Commentary votes in District 148. Jose used to work for Jessica. The conspiracy folks think Commentary is behind this race. Sorry pals. Jose has his own pros and friends involved. I like Jose, will vote for him, and tell others to support him because I think he would make a great public official.

We still don’t have us a closer.

December 10, 2007 9:00AM

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