By Marc Campos

Healthy Dem Competition

H-Town’s Mayor will let us know this week. Will it be a race for Governor or for U.S. Senator? Stay tuned.

Yesterday’s announcement by former Lone Star State Comptroller John Sharp that he is running for U.S. Senator sets up the possibility of a showdown with H-Town’s Mayor Bill White in 2010. Commentary thinks that is healthy for the Dem Party. Both candidates will have to be campaigning for 14 months all across the state. They will get to stake out their positions, make personal appeals to the various Dem Party groups, put their teams together, raise money, a nd get Dems excited. The GOPers are going to have a number of candidates running for the Senate seat and they will be out there getting their message out. Dems need to be doing the same thing. Let’s just hope that self appointed Dem Party leaders or fixers don’t step in and try to broker a deal, you know – you run for this, you run for that, you get the picture. Let’s allow the process to play itself out rather than have it artificially manipulated.

The Chron’s E-Board today endorsed Dem Diane Trautman for Tax Assessor-Collector. Check it out. Trautman was the Dem nomineee for the position in last month’s election. T he E-Board makes a good case for a Trautman appointment. Of course, for that to happen, the GOP County Judge would have to pi__off the GOP right wing zealots and spend the next year hunkered down and Commentary doesn’t think that will happen.

Commentary received a few positive comments yesterday on my take on a Latino/Latina mayoral candidacy in 2009. Hey, I got some folks to start talking bout it.

CEWDEM raised a good point last night. How come we don’t have a local school named after Mickey Leland?

Major League Baseball is meeting in Vegas this week and according to various news reports trade talks are happening with the ‘Stros that involve maybe Tejada, Wiggintonner, and Green Valley – yikes! That’s not the kind of report I want to hear from The Yard!

December 9, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary