By Marc Campos

Decision Watch Week

H-Town’s Mayor will let us know this week. Will it be a race for Governor or for U.S. Senator? Stay tuned.

Speaking of, H-Town folks are now starting to talk about the 2009 race for mayor. A couple of Latinos that Commentary respects have asked - “why not a serious Latino candidate this time?” “Why wait until manana?” These questions are asked because H-Town Latinos make up close to half of the city’s population and close to a mil Latinos are all over town. They also point out that we have two potential and available candidates that know a lot about city government – County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia and Council Member James Rodriguez. Well, first of all, Latino voter registration/turnout in H-Town doesn’t come close to Latino population percentage levels due to a number of factors including citizenship and age. Although, national Latino voter registration experts have told Commentary that a serious Latino candidate in the 2009 mayor’s race would certainly dramatically boost both Latino voter registration and turnout. Then there is a question of raising the campaign money. Well, there is evidence that the local Latino campaign donor base is growing. Plus, the local Latino chamber has embarked on a major Latino political empowerment campaign. Commissioner Garcia certainly knows how to raise a few mil. CM Rodriguez did a pretty good job fundraising in his race last year. Commentary doesn’t think any of the other three known candidates will have the donor based cornered. There is also a growing number of Latino elected officials with constituencies. If they were to unite behind a Latino/Latina candidate things could get interesting. You know, when you think about it, a serious Latino/Latina mayoral candidacy in 2009 doesn’t seem that far fetched. Hey, at least it can get some of us to talk about it during all those holiday parties.

The local Dem Party Chair penned an Op-Ed for yesterday’s Chron on judicial selection. Check it out. The Dem Chair makes it clear that this is his opinion and not the Dem Party’s – good. His plan is for the larger counties only because voters like the ones here in Harris County don’t know who they are voting for – I guess. The Dem Chair wants to put the judicial selections in the hands of mostly lawyers. I don’t know about that. I kind of like the idea that during the primaries all of the Dem Party’s groups like Gays/Lesbians, Labor, Women, Latinos, African Americans, Asian Americans, Young Dems, and others get to give the old thumbs up/down to candidates. He also wants the votes of his proposed Judicial Committee selectors to be secret. I also don’t know about that. This kind of sounds like one of those Star Chamber deals to me. A group like that kind of has arrogance written all over it. Over the years a whole lot of folks have put forward plans on judicial selection and every one of the plans gives lawyers a greater role and all that does is create a vehicle for the big law firms to run things. I’d rather have judicial candidates kiss the arses of Dem groups than the arses of the big law firms. There isn’t a perfect system out there so I’m content to let us Straight Ticket voters continue to have a say especially since demographic shifts are favoring Dem Judges in this county.

My good friend Hurricane Bill King also penned an Op-Ed for yesterday’s Chron on paperless folks. Check it out. He might not be running for H-Town Mayor, but he is still putting out very thoughtful pieces on important issues. Way to go Bill!

Commentary is not going to weigh in on the local GOP Tax Fella quitting. I really don’t care about when he knew he was going to quit. The GOP Tax Fella is a goner and that is good enough for me. I just hope they appoint someone that doesn’t meddle with other folks’ business.

There is another story today on what to do with the Astrodome. Now that the elections are over, let’s just all agree that it is time to tear it down.

It was 28 years ago today that Howard Cosell let me know during MNF that John Lennon was no longer with us.

There is nothing to report from The Yard.

December 8, 2008 9:00AM

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