By Marc Campos

R Nots, Never Mind Again, Left Out, The Parking Gods Strike, Braveheart, Dissing And Missing

A lot of Rs are not too happy with the Iraq Study Group Report. It makes all their cheerleading for nearly the last four years look pretty silly. The Rs need to can their Wyatt Earp act – we’re just about ready to hit the 3000 mark in the body bag department.

Elections do have consequences. It looks like the paperless folk, errr Latino bashers are losing some of their steam. A couple of days ago Guv Dude shifted quite a bit. Yesterday, Lady Foghorn released a report that says paperless folks have a positive impact on the state’s economy. In looking at the Chron article on Foghorn’s report, it looks like the scare tactics used by the Hate Brigade are well….scare tactics without substance.

Let’s see, 41’s Sec State says Iraq is a disaster. Guv Dude says enough of the anti-paperless folk bashing. Big Dick Cheney’s daughter is having a baby? What’s the R rank and file gonna do now? Who are they now going after? They have to hate somebody you know.

Speaking of the Chron, My PR Agent’s column today mentions those that want Houston’s Mayor to reverse course and call a special election to fill the Sekula-Gibbs vacancy. Those now opposing The Mayor are The Dean, Da Bell and a former Houston City Council member. Commentary is left out of the column – that’s cool with me – I at least served as an inspiration.

Also in the Chron today, it looks like H-Town someday annexing The Woodlands is off the table – whew! Good, there aren’t a whole lot of Dem voters up there.

The Young Political Consultant That Works For Commentary got a parking ticket the other evening in Midtown. Here’s the deal, a sign said “No Parking 9 pm to 2 am except with a valid permit” – huh! She got written up at around 9:04 pm – huh! I had to go check it out myself. It only covers half of the block, but who gets to have a permit for that side of the street from 9 pm to freaking 2 am in the morning? And who in the heck is writing parking tickets at 9:04 pm?

Braveheart’s got his new flick coming out today and Commentary is staying away. I made a pledge remember. Plus, I can’t even pronounce the name of the movie. It sounds like the one that came out over 25 years ago with Jeb Bartlett, Vito Corleone and Easy Rider. It’s also in Yucatec – huh - which means subtitles out the kazoo. Commentary doesn’t like to go to movies and read.

Speaking of sports, you gotta give props to the ‘Stros for trying. It looks like we were just about ready to throw Garland under our Christmas tree, errrr starting pitcher Jon Garland who won eighteen games last year with the White Sox. If the trade does go through we will say goodbye to Willie T.

Meanwhile, down at the end of light rail line at Reliant – the folks that are awash in “I told you so” lines – can only wonder about the Vince that they let slip away, away, away ……. Look, brain surgery, rocket science, computer programming and auto mechanics are things most of us don’t know anything about and will defer to the experts. Football is an entirely different matter – most of Houston knew back then that Vince was The Man – but those guys at Reliant acted like they had some special advanced knowledge that we would never be able to comprehend – hey, it’s freaking football – down, set, hut, hut, hut ……….


December 08, 2006, 9:00AM

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