By Marc Campos

Imagine, Target Target,
Great Headline, Chron-less

I read the news today, oh boy. It was 25 years ago today..... I remember I was watching Monday Night Football when Howard Cosell made the announcement - I was stunned. Turned on the radio and his tunes were already being played. From time to time I wonder what John Lennon would be doing if he were still alive. I wonder if there would have been a reunion concert to benefit a worthy cause. I wonder if he would have toured. "A Day In The Life", "Beautiful Boy", "Imagine" - how many more classics would the world have enjoyed?

Apparently, Target (the mega store chain) executives told Planned Parenthood of American that they would not require pharmacists to fill prescriptions in-store - you know, for EC. Bad move Target. Why go shop at a store where idiots rule? Do we really need to go to Target? Can we survive without Target? Of course, for now, stay away from Target.

Props to the Chron headline writers - "Roger, Over And Out?" Looks like we're going to be without Roger Clemens next season - yikes! The road to the 2006 World Series will once again be very interesting - if we get us another solid starter - we can still get there.

In today's Chron, their editorial is about the District 143 race. The Chron disses Guv Dude for letting District 143 folks go voiceless for over seven months. Fair enough? Laura Salinas sent a letter to the Guv asking for a quicker election - sent copies of the letter to the press including the Chron - zilch coverage - not fair enough. Sorry Chron - your diss of Guv Dude is a bit on the silly side - you could of, should of given more column inches to the special election date issue back in May.

December 8, 2005, 9:00AM

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