By Marc Campos

The Monsterburger, etc.
By Marc Campos

Do we need it? Is the public dying for it? Did they actually conduct market research before they wheeled it out? We are talking about Hardee's new menu item - the Monster Thickburger.

Here are the ingredients: two one/third pound patties, four strips of bacon, three slices of cheese, mayo, and a buttered bun. It totals 1,420 calories and 107 grams of fat. When it is served, it is two and a half inches tall. Cost is $5.49.

Maybe some will just eat half for lunch and the rest for dinner. Maybe some will take a date and they will split the burger. (Who in the heck takes a date to Hardee's?) Unfortunately, most folks out there who will buy the thing will eat it all.

Fortunately for Houstonians, the nearest Hardee's is in Lake Charles, Louisiana. If Hardee's does eventually come to the Bayou City, expect us to quickly reclaim the Fattest City title.

ETC. FYI: Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the 9/11 intelligence reform bill by a 336 - 75 margin. 184 Dems voted yes, 152 Repubs voted yes, 8 Dems voted against, 75 Repubs voted against. Way to go Dems. Chris Bell did not vote. What's up with that?

December 8, 2004, 9:00 AM

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