By Marc Campos

Earning the Vote

CEWDEM sent out a story yesterday about the GOP fumbling on the Latino vote. I guess this immigrant bashing stuff has really pi__ed off Latino voters. More and more Latinos are favoring Dems. Dems shouldn’t get too comfortable or cocky. Dems haven’t earned the Latino vote. It has just kind of fallen into our laps, so we need to embrace a serious Latino program and strategy.

66 years ago today Pearl Harbor was attacked. We ought to be thankful that W wasn’t in charge back then.

A couple of weeks ago, a fella in Pasadena, Texas shot and killed two guys that were burglarizing his next door neighbor’s house. It has become a controversy. Did the guy commit a crime by pulling the trigger? In today’s Chron, there is a story about the burglars being paperless folks – huh? I’m trying to figure out what that has to do with anything other than maybe the grand jury will let the guy off because they were – well – paperless folks. I wonder if the Chron will do a story on where the shooter was born. Way to go Chron!

Since not that many folks are expected to cast votes in tomorrow’s H-Town City Council run-offs your vote will certainly make a difference. Heck, since no one is voting, I think I’ll go vote again. Go vote!

Copper thievery is huge worldwide problem. Here in H-Town we passed an ordinance to regulate scrap yards to make if tough to resell copper. That hasn’t stopped the thieves. They just take the copper to scrap yards in Pasadena, Baytown, Crosby – you get the picture.

In Commentary’s opinion, Catcher’s Mitt religion speech yesterday was a yawner. If he thinks his religion is a problem, heck, maybe he just ought to switch religions. After all, he is a pretty good switch hitter.

No word yet on a closer for the ‘Stros.

December 7, 2007 9:00AM

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