By Marc Campos

No Limit, The Never Mind Policies? No Latinos, Our Dem Treasure And Other Stuff

Commentary will probably lose fans with this but I don’t think we ought to put limits on how much money somebody wants to give to campaigns – period. The Voucher King, The Local Home Builder, Trials – leave them alone. Like it or not, it is in the interest of Dems to stay away from the giving limitations debate.

While I’m on the subject, The Dumb Line Of The Day Award goes to the Travis County State Rep who said “all the folks who lobby and give $500 or $5,000 are finding it doesn’t mean as much.” Huh!! Now what does he mean by that?

“Never mind!” That’s what W will have to say if he embraces or accepts the meat of the Iraq Study Group recommendations.

Commentary still didn’t like that Latinos were not part of the Iraqi Study Group. OK, they came up with some good proposals. I wonder if we’ll remember the proposals a year from now.

Speaking of being left out, Serge alerted me to the fact that ABC News had six women on the tube the other day talking about race issues – three Anglos and three African Americans. Again, no Latinas were invited to participate. Commentary can understand the topic being discussed with Kramer going N-Bomb crazy a couple of weeks ago, but we just went through a few months of Latino bashing, of course ABC is also the network that booted Elizabeth Vargas off of their evening news, errr allegedly, because she was having a baby.

Speaking of never mind, Guv Dude said yesterday “we just concluded an election year that was very heavy on immigration rhetoric, and, I might add, very light on comprehensive solutions.” Huh!!

According to the Chron, he went on to say that all this rhetoric didn’t contribute to good relations with Mexico. Huh, ditto!!

Guv Dude said “good neighbors do not foster fear and engage in divisive appeals.” Huh, ditto again!

Then Guv Dude went and stole Da Bell’s line on the booming border fence ladder business.

Better late than never I guess. Maybe Guv Dude can tell GOP state legislators to can the anti-Latino and anti-immigrant bills that are being filed.

I theeeennnk maybe Guv Dude wants to be our amigo – I theeeennnk.

You know, we Texas Dems are lucky that we got The Dean, errr My State Senator up in Austin looking out for us taxpayers. Before we embark on spending over half a bil on new state prisons, The Dean – who happens to Chair the State Senate’s Criminal Justice Committee – is asking tough questions. The Dean thinks if we had better rehab treatment programs for prisoners we wouldn’t need more prisons. The Dean also says the state’s prison system has an operations problem – good takes from The Dean. Next time you run into The Dean, tell him thanks for being there for us in a key leadership position.

“Anybody who is breeding pit bulls in their backyard is no better than somebody breeding rattlesnakes.” Commentary has to give props to Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack – a GOPer – for that line. County Commissioners are looking at getting rid of pit bulls. Commentary thinks that’s a great idea. They’re ugly, mean and nobody has yet to tell me what they are good for, in fact, they’re not even good for kicking – if you do, they’ll chew your foot off.

From the I Don’t Know If This Is A Good Idea Department: The Dem leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives announced that they would be working more hours in D.C. – like Mondays through Fridays like the rest of us. I mean, I am excited that Dems are now in control, but….isn’t this kind of like too much of a good thing?

Speaking of Congress, the incoming Chair of the House Intelligence Committee is a Latino. Pretty cool, a Latino is the most intelligent member in the U.S. House – tell that to the Iraq Study Group pickers and ABC News.

Speaking of Latinos, did you see where Julio Lugo is getting $9 mil per year for four years from the Red Sox? Is that the same Lugo that used to be with the ‘Stros?


December 07, 2006, 9:00AM

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