By Marc Campos

Early Voter, Mail, Revisit

Early Voting here in Houston ended yesterday. Commentary went to vote and they nearly didn't let me vote. The computer screen flashed my full name and said that I was a disqualified voter. I thought someone was pulling a fast one on me - like someone that doesn't like me filling out a mail ballot application and having it sent to Las Vegas or Idaho. The chief judge called the county elections department and squared things away - finally got to vote. They never fully explained why I was temporarily disqualified. Made me wonder if a less informed voter just would have just walked away and not voted.

Laura and her opponent had a one hour live debate on a local Spanish language radio station yesterday. Both candidates threw some jabs - no knockout punches. Yesterday, the other side mailed out a piece that featured Laura in a not so good way. In fairness, we have mentioned Laura's opponent in some of our mail.

Check out this quote from this past Sunday's Austin American Statesman: "I've never believed we do any good by just running a token who gets trounced into the ground." From former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk, errrr, Kamikaze Candidate revisited?

December 7, 2005, 9:00AM

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