By Marc Campos

“I” Don’t!

In 1979, H-Town City Council went to 9 single member districts and 5 at-large positions. Since then at one time or another there have been run-off elections in all at-large positions and 8 of the single member districts. The lone exception – ta da! – District I! There has never been a run-off in District I. Now that is a very interesting local political fact.

At the end of H-Town Early Voting, Kingwood/Clear Lake voted 2,097, Sunnyside/Palm Center/Acres Homes voted 1,943, Moody/Ripley/HCCS Southeast 189. In the seven days of Early Voting, Ripley House never hit double digits. I’m thinking At-Large candidate Joe Trevino is going to have to run the table in Kingwood/Clear Lake if he’s going to pull this off. There are two things at play here – the Latino community doesn’t know that there is a run-off going on or they don’t think that Joe has a chance so why vote.

Key James Rodriguez supporters Joe and JoAnn Alanis welcomed a new voter into the political world last week – Olivia Rose. I guess Dante and J. Dominic have to show her how to cast a vote in the run-off this Saturday.

Commentary met District E run-off candidate Michael Sullivan last night. He’s a nice fella.

Speaking of, his opponent says she’s not Anglo like Commentary said yesterday – she’s Irish.

They pulled a fakeroo on CEWDEM yesterday – that’s not a good thing. CEWDEM was sent a list of Jewish Herald Voice endorsements for H-Town run-offs with Jolanda’s name missing. That’s not nice. CEWDEM is a privilege that should not be abused. If you abuse you cannot use. I think the faker ought to get a punishment like a six month ban or something like that.

Catcher’s Mitt is making a speech today that some folks want to compare to JFK’s religion speech in 1960. Sorry, I didn’t know John F. Kennedy and Catcher’s Mitt is no John Kennedy.

Catcher’s Mitt is going to say that no church should direct government. Well, that’s not what his party thinks.

The ‘Stros are trying but they still haven’t signed a closer.

December 6, 2007 9:00AM

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