By Marc Campos

Rumors and Vince and Fights

So far only one Texas leader/activist has stepped forward to stake a claim on a Dem Presidential wannabee.  What’s the matter – waiting on Hillary?  Maybe folks are busy shopping.

It’s funny how rumors get going even when they involve Commentary’s client.  The Young Gun will be running for Houston City Council, District I next year because One Of My Best Friends is term limited – I repeat…..   And that’s the end of that – period.

Have you heard the one that Vince is thinking about running for the At-Large Council seat that Sekula-Gibbs gave up – not really, just a rumor?

Speaking of Vince, hope nobody invites me to the game this Sunday – Vince’s Titans vs The Texans – I’d root for, well, you know.  I wonder how many folks at the game will be cheering for Vince.

New York City is doing away with artificial trans fats in restaurants.  The artery cloggers are on their way out of The Big Apple.  H-Town has a new group called the Houston Wellness Council or something like that to make Houston folks healthier – hey, maybe they can follow The Big Apple’s lead and start an effort to ban artificial trans fats.  I think H-Town is ready for a major league food fight.   The health brigade did a real good job of wacking smokers in restaurants.  Why not go after the cloggers?  Just a thought.

“We aren’t winning but we are not losing,” said the next Defense Secretary yesterday – huh?   Tie goes to the runner I guess.

Speaking of Defense, the Iraq Study Group says things are “grave and dangerous.”  Hey, you didn’t have to go to study hall to figure that one out.

A GOP Latino buddy of mine went to the swearing in of the Mexican President last Friday – his description of the chair throwing goings on – “Lucha Libre” – great line.


December 06, 2006, 9:00AM

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