By Marc Campos

Arriba ABC, Find A Pitcher, Interesting Email, Scoreboard

When it comes to the 5:30 pm news, looks like Commentary is switching from CBS to ABC. Props to ABC for naming Elizabeth Vargas as it's co-anchor for their evening news. First Latina anchor in evening news history - I think. Way to go ABC.

Could the 'Stros be without Roger this year? Roger's not going to decide if he wants to play again until late January according to today's Chron. The team better go out and find another starter just in case.

Got an email yesterday from the Mayor's campaign titled the "Mayor on a roll." The email included an article about the mayor being statewide material. The email had a teaser like flavor. Kinda like wanting folks to start talking - hey, Commentary is talking. Folks will be talking until January 2 - the last day to file for office.

Speaking of running for Guv, looks like former Houstonian and Milby High grad Bob Gammage is getting into the race. Don't know about this. Guess he is convinced he can win and be a good governor.

Getting ready for Saturday's matchup. The winner advances to the Texas Legislature. Haven't checked the Vegas line lately on Laura's chances. Trying to figure out attendance figures. Could it be decided by less than a field goal? Will the Lonesome Dove strategy prevail - who'll have scoreboard, we'll find out Saturday night.

December 6, 2005, 9:00AM

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