By Marc Campos

Auto Bailout Is Coming

I don’t know why we’re going through all this national angst regarding the auto industry. We taxpayers are going to do the deal. You know why Commentary knows the auto bailout is a done deal? Because back on November 14 the Detroit Tigers announced they were raising ticket prices for next season.

Here’s what the Detroit Free Press had to say back then: “The Tigers on Friday (11/14) announced plans to increase some ticket prices at Comerica Park for 2009, including the introduction of premium pricing for the most popular dates on the schedule.”

“President and general manager Dave Dombrowski said the team considered the economic conditions in Michigan before making its decision.”

I guess GM DUMBrowski has some inside info on what the local economic conditions will look like after Detroit’s automakers get their $34 bil.

Here’s what Drew Sharp, the Free Press’ sports columnist, had to say later that day: “Don't the Tigers read the newspapers? Are they oblivious to the harsh realities of Detroit's economic climate and dramatic erosion, if not the actual eradication, of the Big Three? Yet they announced a ticket price increase Friday? And the debut of ‘variable pricing’ for the best series and summer weekends? That's the equivalent of offering a man engulfed in flames a cigarette lighter….The Tigers must understand that Detroit is now a depressed corporate environment. They must understand that Detroit can no longer demand top dollar for its sports product because the economy won't allow it. Every sports team in this area should agree to not increase prices. It would be a sign that they're at least cognizant of our dire economic situation. The Tigers proved with this ticket increase that they aren't.”

Hey, I got to hand it to the Detroit Tigers. They certainly have a lot faith in our federal government. By the way, the Tigers ended up in last place last season. Let’s play ball, errr bailout!

It is going to be fun and entertaining to watch Guv Dude and Hutch go after each other in the coming months. I predict Dude and his dudeminions will be the ones to get real nasty first. Heck, they are already calling her “Bailout.”

Apparently, there was a mix-up and everything is going to turn out well regarding the new local Dem judges and their swearing in ceremonies – I think – I hope.

Commentary isn’t invited to very many holiday parties. However, I will be going tomorrow night to probably the best where all the political/media players show up – by invitation only.

I wonder if the Detroit Free Press heard the report from The Yard that my friend Drayton and Pam-In-Charge understand our current economic climate and won’t be raising ticket prices next season.

December 5, 2008 9:00AM

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