By Marc Campos

Early Voting. Our Huckleberry Friend? Worth it?

At the end of Monday, Kingwood/Clear Lake had over 1,600 early voters, Sunnyside/Palm Center/Acres Homes had over 1,400, and Ripley/Moody/HCCS Southeast had 140. In the run-offs we have 5 African Americans, 2 Anglos, and 1 Latino on the ballot. Maybe that explains the low Latino voter turnout to date.

Commentary made the peace yesterday with a very important fella in these parts. I feel good about it.

As the song says “waiting ‘round the bend, my huckleberry friend” – can it be that the Arkansas Huckleberry will snatch up the GOP nomination for Prez? What do we know about this guy? We know he can do a good diet. We know he used to be a preacher. We know he used to live in a triple wide. We know he wanted to give the children of paperless folks a break on college tuition. I bet every major news publication has their investigative reporters scurrying around the Ozarks trying to find out who this guy is.

By the way, the huckleberry is the state fruit of Idaho.

“Houston It’s Worth It” the slogan has a book coming out this week. It is probably one of those coffee table photo books. I wonder if the usual suspects will be in it like the beer can house, the art car parade, the rodeo, NASA, the ship channel, you know what I mean. I wonder when they will come out with “Houston It’s Worth It – The Movie.”

No word yet on a closer for the ‘Stros.

December 5, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary