By Marc Campos

Manana, Manana And Local Dem Judges

I guess U.S. of A. Latinos read Commentary. Of course, Commentary’s intent isn’t to start intra Dem Party skirmishes over my takes on the search for Latinos/Latinas in the new Obama administration. Here’s what is in today’s newspapers all across the U.S. of A.:

“The chairman of the (Hispanic Congressional) caucus, Rep. Joe Baca, D-Calif, warned that Obama's legislative agenda could be jeopardized if (Bill) Richardson is the only Hispanic in the Cabinet.

‘If it's just one, he's (Obama) going to have to answer to a lot of the issues that come before us,’ Baca told Bloomberg news service.”

A warning shot for sure – yikes!

The mainstream media news coverage yesterday on the Richardson announcement played up the fact that folks thought it was a “consolation prize” because Richardson really wanted to be Sec State. There is probably a lot of truth to that. One thing is for sure, Latinos still aren’t on the A-List of appointments which is a little disappointing.

Did I read this correctly or can Commentary always count on our own Dems to give me material to work with. Here’s what the local Dem Party put out yesterday: “The newly elected district court judges have informed me that they want to de-politicize the swearing-in ceremony and are concerned that having it arranged by the Harris County Democratic Party may have the opposite effect and make some of the incumbent Republican judges, who they wish to invite, uncomfortable.”

How do you depoliticize a political position anyway?

Interesting in that the only reason they got elected was because they had a big old D at the end of their name period. Maybe we do need to rethink going to the non partisan way of selecting where the big shot law firms would control stuff and Straight Ticket Voters like Commentary wouldn’t so I wouldn’t have to be embarrassed after I voted for these fellas. Thank you for nothing – I think.

It official from The Yard so we will keep our fingers crossed. Mike Hampton is a ‘Stro again and this time he has borrowed Ausmus’ #11 – hey, he hits as well as Ausmus so why not. Hampton’s old #10 that he wore back in 1999 now belongs to Tejada.

December 4, 2008 9:00AM

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