By Marc Campos

Partisan Punch Drunk

How about a little humor today? Leaders of Commentaryís fan club have been drinking too much from the partisan water well. They ainít thinking straight. Heck, theyíre even hallucinating. For a while now theyíve been accusing Commentary of being involved in a sinister plot to help out the Craddick Ds Ė huh! The accusers are a couple of local legislators. One I helped out a long time ago when nobody else would lend assistance. Another I helped out in a couple of tough races. I guess their memories are fading Ė sorta.

You see, Iím kind of old school. I believe that respect goes both ways. You respect your elected officials but you donít have to take orders from them. You should be able to disagree with elected officials without becoming their target. You should be able to disagree on public policy matters and candidates without inviting their wrath. They obviously donít think so.

As far as this Craddick D conspiracy theory BS, I think Iíve met Tom Craddick once Ė maybe. That was when I used to work for Dem Governor Mark White Ė back in the 80s. Of the local so called local Craddick Ds, I havenít talked to Rep. Dutton in a few years. I ran into Rep. Bailey at City Hall a couple of years ago and said hi. I talked to Rep Sly about the HISD bonds a couple of months ago Ė thatís it.

I havenít had a conversation with Rep. Pena since 2001. Same with Rep. Flores. Same with Dawna from Austin. Though I do remember that I worked with Rep. Dukes back in 2000 when she traveled to battle ground states cracking on W when a lot of other Dem legislators stayed home.

Iíd like to see a new Texas House Speaker. But thatís not my fight. Thatís the fight for legislators. Those are the rules. How this Speakerís race stuff landed at Commentaryís doorstep is pretty convoluted. You have to figure if they are thinking this way, they arenít getting much sleep. Maybe they just ought to give me a call. I doubt it. It sounds like they need a bogeyman.

Along the same lines, Rep. Bailey is getting support from a lot of local good Dems including organized labor. Are they too involved in some conspiracy to help Speaker Craddick? Are they Craddick Ds?

Speaking of, the copper thieves ripped off the city library right under the nose of City Hall. This after the City adopted a tough scrap metal ordinance. Why donít we just make the resale of used copper illegal?

Commentary watched the New England Patriots last night. It is official Ė Iím rooting for them to go 19 and zip.

Speaking of, the ĎStros are in Nashville trying to find a closer and get better. It looks like it is working so far. Opening Day is around four months away!

December 4, 2007 9:00AM

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