By Marc Campos

Boring Dems, Grinches, Inquiry, -5

Commentary has been watching the email traffic among the Texas Dem activists – YAWN – about the Texas Dem performance a few weeks ago.  Conventional Wisdom – and Commentary has met her a time or three – says Dems did alright – even the GOPredators said we had a good year.  Are the GOPredator activists going back and forth and blaming W, W’s Brain, Denny Boy, Crummy, etc.?  If they are, are they doing it online like we are?  Can you imagine what their emails are looking like?  I bet theirs are not boring like ours.  Just a thought!

OK, My Brown Eyed Girl and I were driving around last night and we saw a home with a humongous Grinch in the front yard.  We thought about stopping and snatching up the Grinch.  Could we be arrested and charged with theft?  After all, we were preventing a future crime.  You know, the Grinch that stole Christmas.  Hey officer, this dude was conspiring to rob a bunch of kiddos of their opening of presents.  I mean, what’s the difference between Whoville and H-Town, other than the fact that Whoville probably gets to hold a Special Election when they get a vacancy on their city council.

Speaking of Whoville, looks like Da Bell also thinks there ought to be a Special Election – that makes three of us.  A key player told Commentary the other night – “what’s wrong with having another set of eyes on council that might ask a different set of questions?”  Good point.

Speaking of key players, if Commentary were to get into a high stakes political fight, I’d want the key player on my side.  I’d also want on my side the new Bond, James Bond.  Now that fella is “mean-cool” – check out “Casino Royale” – it’s a real good holiday flick.

All die hard ‘Stros fans know that Mickey Mantle hit the first dinger in Astrodome history back on April 9, 1965 before Sweet Marisa, The Lovely Wendy, The Young Political Consutlant That….and even The Young Gun were around.  What I always wanted to know is who got the ball?   According to the Chron a couple of weeks ago, the homer bounced back into the field, it got tossed over to the Yankee dugout, it was signed by Mantle, Roger Maris and Whitey Ford, and it was given to some fella named Daniel Bonnen from Orange, Texas who just happened to be sitting in the Yankee dugout – huh!

Bonnen gave it to a buddy who now wants to put the ball up for sale.  I don’t know about this.  Why was the dude from Orange, Texas sitting in theYankee dugout in the first place?  I demand a full MLB investigation on this matter?  Heck, I demand a Chron investigation – they wrote the story.

Let’s see yesterday, Reggie, Reggie, Reggie got 4 TDS, Romo got 257 yards yesterday, Vince throws 2 TD passes, Carr throws for minus five yards but they still won – yikes!!








December 4, 2006, 9:00AM

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