By Marc Campos

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Those that are running for office in the primaries start filing this week. Here in Commentary’s hood we will have us a race for the Texas legislature. That’s a real good thing. You see, I don’t think I have a state rep. Just northeast of Commentary’s hood, Kevin Bailey faces a challenger. This race is worth watching. It ought to be an interesting primary. I’m still waiting for the local and state GOP to commence their barrage of attacks on our candidates. They’ve given us a free ride for now. Stay tuned!

After Day 5 of Early Voting here in H-Town – Kingwood/Clear Lake 1,374 votes, Sunnyside/Palm Center/Acres Homes 1,067, Moody/Ripley/HCC Southeast 110 – yikes! Speaking of, my good buddy Hector penned an interesting Op-Ed in yesterday’s Chron about racial voting in H-Town elections. I’d be interested in Hector’s take after this Saturday’s final results.

41 said he’ll wait a while before he pens his bio. I guess he still can’t figure out what went wrong raising W.

An Idaho newspaper announced the formation of the Larry Craig Caucus this past weekend. There are eight members so far – yikes!

The Roundtable on ‘roids is how someone close to Commentary described the party at Hotel ZaZa Saturday night. It was a cool gig.

I’m not going to say anything about Vince putting the punk job on the Texans yesterday.

Welcome to H-Town Kaz Matsui! I love it! It turns out Kaz comes with an interpreter. That ought to pi__ off the English only folks. Now we have to get us a closer.

December 3, 2007 9:00AM

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