By Marc Campos

Announcements Por Favor

Aside from a couple or so press release announcements on the naming of Latinos/Latinas to staff positions, Latinos/Latinas haven’t been rolled out for Cabinet level positions for the new Obama administration. It looks like we won’t get any of the high profile positions and we can thank W for that. W named Al Gonzales as AG and he immediately went in and ripped up the Constitution so I guess we’re getting paid back or kind of like don’t let us near the good China. We’ve had Energy, Education and Commerce. We won’t get HHS. Maybe they’ll give us Transportation.

The Lone Star State’s biggest chicken shack (Pilgrim’s Pride) is in the old economic ditch. I guess folks aren’t eating more chicken. Commentary wouldn’t be surprised to see Guv Dude pull an about face and ask W to put these fellas at the front of the wings and more bailout line. Commentary wouldn’t mind, they got a number of paperless folks, errr allegedly, on their payroll, plus, they are on the good side of the immigration reform debate.

Tina Fey, who never needs touching up, has a photo layout in the new issue of “Vanity Fair.” Meanwhile, “Playboy” has a crew up in Alaska recruiting for an upcoming issue called – you got it – “Girls of Wasilla” – yikes!

The WNBA Houston Comets folded yesterday – nothing, nada, zilch. That’s too bad but I guess there weren’t enough folks going to the games. Commentary didn’t because I probably spend too much time at The Yard. I also don’t go to Rockets games (unless I have to), Aeros games, Cougar baseball/football/basketball/softball games, Owls baseball/softball/football/basketball games, Tigers baseball/softball/football/basketball, Texans games (unless I’m invited), the annual PGA event, or the opera. It looks like it was just a case where they couldn’t get enough paying folks in the seats and sponsors. That’s too bad considering they won the first four WNBA titles ever.

Speaking of folding, nobody saw last week’s prime time NBC Rosie Oh-No Show so there won’t be any in the future – OK!

It looks like the ‘Stros are bringing back lefty Mike Hampton which could turn out to be a real good thing. We’re getting him on a one year deal for $2 mil plus another $2 mil in incentives. He made over $15 mil for the ATL last year. He missed all of the 2006 and 2007 seasons because of arm problems. He didn’t pitch much last year but at least he didn’t finish the season on the DL. In fact, his last game was here at The Yard in the last game of the season where Ausmus knocked a dinger off of him. Hampton last pitched for the ‘Stros in 1999 when he went 22 and 4 but finished second behind Randy Johnson who went 17 – 9 for the NL Cy Young Award. We traded him away prior to the 2000 season to the Mets because he was fixing to go into his free agent year and baseballnomics dictated that we get something in return like Octavio Dotel. Hampton helped lead the Mets to the World Serious in 2000 but I still think his 1999 season with the ‘Stros – you know – “a season to remember” – was his best. He’s 36, he’s still a good stick at the plate and who knows - maybe his arm problemos are a thing of the past. Commentary likes the deal from The Yard.

December 2, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary