By Marc Campos

Rough And Tumble, Good Mailer

The local runoffs got a little interesting the past 24 hours. In the city council at-large race, one of those far right fellas made some dumba__ comments that got some folks all stirred up. In one of the district races, CEWDEM went off on one of the candidates - yikes!! Don't want CEWDEM on you cause he's got a huge audience. In one of the school board runoff races, charges having to do with ethics and tax returns were leveled against each camp at a press conference - representatives from both sides attended. Meanwhile, back in District 143, nothing exciting happened - except more of Laura's signs were stolen.

Commentary thinks that so far this election season, Laura's mailers have been the coolest - hey I'm biased. Got a piece yesterday that caught my attention. It is a silhouette of a fella and with a line "Houston, we have a solution" - open it up and the silhouette is Jay Aiyer wearing a nice tie. Props go to the person that came up with the mailer idea - Commentary will use it in one of his future endeavors. FYI: Commentary used to work for Jay Aiyer's campaign for at-large city council.

December 2, 2005, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary

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