By Marc Campos

Not So Fast And Baseballnomics

The Chron’s Columnist had a take yesterday on next year’s mayoral race in H-Town. Check it out. The three mayoral candidates to date appear to be Controller Annise Parker, CM Peter Brown and former City Attorney Gene Locke. Commentary is on a first name basis with all three. Yesterday’s column was mostly devoted to Gene and strongly suggested that Gene would be the candidate to beat. Well, that’s a bit of a stretch right now. You see, the column didn’t mention that Annise has now run six citywide races in a row and has won all of them. That’s a factor that certainly has to be taken into consideration. Peter has also run three citywide races and has won the last two. That’s also a factor that certainly has to be taken into consideration. Gene has never run before and so that has to be a factor.

Yeah, yeah some will say that Bob Lanier, Bill White and Lee Brown never ran before. The difference was Lanier was a former Chair of METRO and the Texas Highway Department. White was a Deputy Energy Secretary and Chair of the Texas Democratic Party. Brown was Drug Czar and H-Town’s Police Chief. Aside from serving as City Attorney, Gene has been pretty much a behind the scenes fella.

In addition, Annise and Peter have been very active high profile Democrats and will certainly attract the support of many local Dem activists and organizations. They are also proven and adept campaigners. This race is far from over.

The Chron has a story today on the H-Town Mayor and the 2010 elections. Check it out. Don’t get your hopes up Lone Star State Dems is what the article says. I don’t know about that. Here’s the recipe for success that Commentary thinks will work in 2010. You need a strong candidate like the H-Town Mayor on the ticket. You also need an attractive, articulate and high profile Latino on the ticket that will inspire Latinos to turn out to vote. You also need the Lone Star State Dem Party to finally get off of its arse and get serious about Latino voter registration and outreach. It is not enough to rely on the GOP Latino hate mongering to get Latinos to get out and vote for Dems. The three factors just mentioned should be the foundation of a Dem strategy for 2010 – but nobody ever asks for my opinions on these matters.

You got to hand it to Guv Dude. He can’t get anything right in state government so now he’s going after the feds. Check it out. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I guess Dude figures that since the Lone Star State didn’t go blue, he can start picking on the new Obama administration and score some points. Hey Dude, there is such a thing as staying past your welcome, after all, you still are part of the 39% solution, errr delusion.

Speaking of being delusional, there is an outfit called www.opencarry.org that is promoting legislation here in the Lone Star State that allows folks to wear their pieces in public kind of like in the real old days. The legislation is being called the Lonesome Dumbarses Act.

Speaking of, who says that H-Town isn’t an international city? Yesterday’s front page Chron story was about the fact that H-Town is a major player in Mexico’s gun violence and drug cartel wars. H-Town’s retail gun merchants lead the world in guns sold to the Mexican drug lords that have knocked off more than 4,000 Mexicans this year. Way to go H-Town!

The Young Political Consultant That Used To Work…..turned 28 yesterday. She is in her second year of law school at U of H and also spends time helping out at Bill Connolly’s law firm and of course she don’t need touching up. Happy Birthday Beth Arnold!

Commentary was a bit disappointed to find out over this past weekend that ‘Stros GM Ed Wade is holding off on signing pitcher Randy Wolf citing an uncertain economy. Hey, retailers, banks, the auto industry and now baseball. Some local fans are howling mad at my friend Drayton and are accusing him of operating on the cheap. Hey, it is easy for these fans to spend Drayton’s millions but the fact of the matter is since our nation’s economy is in the ditch big time, how do we know how many folks are going to re-up on their season tickets, sign up as sponsors, buy single game tickets, or cut back on grubbing out at The Yard. Like most industries, Major League Baseball is not immune to a failing economy – well maybe with the exception of the Red Sox and Yankees – so our expectations should be tempered. Drayton, GM Wade, and Pam-In-Charge want to win just as much as all ‘Stros fans so let them figure out how to put together a good product for us to check out at The Yard.

December 1, 2008 9:00AM

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