By Marc Campos

Special, Special, Special…..Switcheroo, Holiday Tunes

The last thing Commentary wants to do is have it out with Houston’s Mayor – I’ll lose.  Hey, he’s got a police force, I don’t!

In today’s Chron, My PR Agent has a column about the Mayor not wanting to call a special election to fill the Houston city council vacancy created by the dearly departed Sekula-Gibbs, errrr The Houston Press’s Turkey of the Year.  The Mayor doesn’t want to spend $3 mil on a special election.

Heck, just call the special election and then invoice the State of Texas, the State GOP, Sekula-Gibbs, DeLay, and the Ft.Bend/Harris/Brazoria/Galveston County GOPs – they all created this mess.

Commentary can understand the Mayor not wanting to call a special election because of the $3 mil, but this could cause a bad precedent.  What if a mayor of a smaller burg decides he/she doesn’t want to fill a vacancy because somebody might be elected that don’t look like them – and they use the excuse that their burg can’t afford the cost of a special election.

Local public opinion may side with those that think the cost of a special election outweighs the need to have full representation on our Houston City Council, but does that make it right?

Speaking of “el switcheroo,” Mexico’s President was sworn in at midnight this morning/last night.    Is this kind of like beating the morning traffic or getting the jump on holiday shopping?   It left the protesters wondering where they are going to protest today.

Well Commentary is off of sports talk for the next 25 days - I’m on the Christmas Tunes Station – 99.1 FM.   







December 1, 2006, 9:00AM

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