By Marc Campos

Political News Coverage, Show And Tell

The local Latino Dem organization is calling a press conference for today to crack on one of the local school board runoff candidates. Wonder how many media members will show up? Commentary has talked about this before. Local media don't like to cover political campaign press conferences. I can understand this - if they cover one candidate's press conference, then they have to cover another and another and another.

Commentary has to do a show and tell today at a local elementary school. A dear friend is a school teacher and a while back she asked if I would participate in a program where I go into different classrooms and tell the kids what I do for a living. A staffer and I are taking some props to help 'splain things. One thing is for sure, lot of kids today will be going home wearing Mayor Pro Tem and Laura Salinas stick-ons.

December 1, 2005, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary

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