By Marc Campos

Michael for Judge

When Commentary was signing the petitions for the judicial candidates the other evening, I noticed the lack of color among the candidates.

Tada! Yesterday, I got an email from a Commentary buddy, Michael Gomez, who says he’s running for the 125th Civil District Court in Harris County. He says he will have opposition in the Dem Primary. Michael is a good guy. Heck, he’s given some serious money to James Rodriguez. Commentary hopes that he wins. Michael has a good take on the 2008 election.

Says Michael –“While the Harris County Democratic Party is confident that Harris County (HC) is ripe for electoral success, I actually believe Election 2008 is going to be tough locally. I won't expound on the challenges because there are many, except to point out that in order for Democrats to win: Hispanics have to turn-out (and vote Democrat) and Democrats have to vote down-ballot (for other Democrats in all offices).”

Nice observation Michael. Good luck on your race.

The GOP U.S. Senator from Idaho now says he doesn’t speak sign language – you know, palms up, palms down. At The Yard, palms up usually mean you are safe. Apparently, not in public bathroom stalls.

E-voting starts today in the Texas Dem E-Primary. E-nuff said!

Coop 2, Bad Guys 1. The team is on the road for nine against the Cubbies, Brewers and Mets. Get your tickets for the last 12 games of B-G-O! See you in September!

August 31, 2007 9:00AM

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