By Marc Campos

No "Stinking" Campaign And Everything Else

There are times when I think my burg, H-Town, is A-OK. This morning is one of those times. It looks like the "stinking" mean spirited folks - the "stinking" purveyors of hate - didn't get enough John Hancocks on petitions to get a citywide vote on whether the Houston Police Department should get into the immigration enforcement business. I guess not enough folks were in the mood to join the "stinking" tiny minds in their campaign of ugliness.

Props are definitely in order for Houston City Council Member Carol Alvarado, errr, a Commentary client, for organizing the community and getting folks prepared, just in case there would have been an election. Let me thank Houston business owner Massey Villarreal, for assisting Council Member Alvarado in this effort. Thanks yous also go to the Houston Hispanic Chamber, Richard Shaw and the Harris County AFL-CIO, Fiesta Cab, the leadership from the immigrant community, a number of elected officials, the Archdiocese, and all the other organizations and individuals that stepped up. We all deserve a pat on the back.

The only thing I regret is not being able to kick the mean spirited folks' "stinking" a__es on Election Day.

From the Did You Know Department: In Houston, 62% of all non-citizen Latino households reported an annual income of less than $20,000, compared to 38% of U.S. Citizen Latino households? I guess those 62 percenters are getting jobs Americans should have.

Jay Aiyer reads Daily Commentary. He reminded me about something I put out awhile back, I think. If the Houston City Council Woman that is running in CD 22 wins the now called Special Election, she has to resign her City Council position to serve in Congress for 2 months, because she's not gonna win the write-in. So the Mayor would have to call a Special Election to fill the vacancy - that's the law. I wonder if the Houston City Council Woman would run for the vacancy she creates - as the incumbent non-incumbent or should that be non-incumbent incumbent? Are you still with me? I'm told a special election would cost the city about a million buckos. The flea flicker is still an interesting play.

I agree with Katie Couric. She don't need touching up. Memo to CBS photo shop: Mike Wallace needs touching up. Heck, Commentary needs touching up and I work out.

Speaking of One of My Best Friends, she got baseball number three last night. Hey, we're on a roll. Well, it was actually a fly ball to Brewer Right Fielder Corey Hart for the third out that he tossed in our direction. The guy next to me and I kind of batted it around and I ended up with it. The fella was a little upset at me. I thought he was going to cry. I kind of felt bad and thought about giving him the ball, awwwww, you actually think I would give it a 25 year old looking crybaby! Hey, he had a glove and couldn't hold on to it. All I had was my bare mitts. That was Numero Seis for me on the year.

Speaking of the yard last night, Willie T.'s throw to nail Jeff Cirillo trying to stretch a double into a triple was one for the highlight reel. When Cirillo hit the ball off of the wall, it looked like Willie T. was dogging it. Afterwards we kind of came to the conclusion that Willie T. was leading the guy on - daring him to go for three and Cirillo took the bait. We're still three back.

August 31, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary