By Marc Campos

Another Basher, Tim's Gig

Add Houston City Council At-Large wannabee John Elford (a GOPer) to the list of bashers. Hey, guess his campaign was having a problem getting traction - pull out the immigrant bashing card. This guy puts all the blame on "public officials" - doesn't say anything about the folks that do the hiring of the paperless folks - GOP bashers never do. This fella is hoping that he can ride people's fear into office. Guess talking about traffic, flooding and more park space wasn't doing the job. Can't remember the last time an immigrant basher got elected to the Houston City Council.

From the I didn't know that department. Was on the Chron's website yesterday, saw that former "Insider" Tim Fleck is now a member of the Chron's Editorial Board. Tim writes a lot of the editorials over there, now he's in on the meetings with policy makers, players, and candidates - dude probably has to wear a tie to work everyday. Of course, Tim has been a player on the Houston scene for years - way to go Tim. Back in his "Insider" days, folks used to feed Tim info all the time - usually to get someone nailed. Wonder if these same folks will feed Tim info in order to get a favorable editorial?

August 31, 2005, 9:00AM

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