By Marc Campos

E-For What? E-Lude? Another E for James?

The Texas Dem Party is sponsoring a Prez sweepstakes ePrimary to determine how many eDelegates we get to the eNational Convention in eColorado Ė I think. I donít know about you, but what is the point of this eXercise? Why donít they get off of their eArses and start getting more Latinos on the voter rolls. So what does the eWinner get anyway Ė an e on their campaign report card? Iím glad they have their ePriorities in line in Austin.

Speaking of e stuff, it looks like Wi-Fi is eLuding the City of H-Town. Remember when we were supposed to be a Wi-Fi leader? Well, it looks like it is not going to happen. It looks like the City picked the wrong company. I guess this is kind of like working without a net.

The Harris County Democrats endorsed James Rodriguez last night. James, a candidate for Houston City Council, District I, won by about a four to one margin Ė yikes! Way to go Harris County Democrats and James! Props go to Chairman Mike Ė he knows how to run a meeting.

Commentary went and voted at the Harris County Democrats meeting last night. I also signed about a kazillion petitions for folks running for judgeships. I felt like Hunter Pence signing autographs. It looks like weíre going to have a lot of folks running for judgeships in Harris County next year. It even looks like we will have Dem Primary contested races Ė thatís a good thing Ė whew! For a while, I thought we were going to have a slate shoved down our throats from a secret local Dem cabal of sorts. Of course, none of this matters if we donít have a Latino vote strategy in place Ė what an original idea!

Speaking of The Yard, I didnít go last night to see Roy O. be Roy O. Iíll sneak away from the office this afternoon to catch a day game. After today, we only have 12 opportunities to see Craig B-G-O!

August 30, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary