By Marc Campos

Towel And Mo' Money

You read it in Daily Commentary first. The GOP has officially conceded the race in CD 22 for the year 2006, they threw in the towel. By calling a special election on November 7, errr, Election Day, the GOP is saying - we're not gonna win the write-in, so maybe we can win the special even though the winner in the special will only serve two months - kind of like a symbolic victory heading into 2008.

The GOP knows that asking their voters to write in, particularly on the e-slate gizmos is pretty much impossible. So now they want CD 22 voters to vote twice, hoping that Nicky's voters will only vote in one of the races thereby increasing the GOP hopes. The problem with that strategy is that the GOP voters also have to vote twice, errr, vote once and write in once - you follow me? Another problem is a GOP voter - a not so informed voter - will vote and say why write in when I already voted for the GOP candidate. Are you still with me? It's too bad Guv Dude and the GOP are resorting to flea flicker plays.

What a difference a week makes? Remember when we only won one out of three in Cincy last week and folks were already putting the 'Stros into the ground. Heck, I even questioned them putting playoff tickets up for sale prompting a "ye of little faith" response from Pam-In-Charge. Now we're three games out in the Wild Card hunt.

Looks like the prices at the yard are going up next year - signing Roy O. for the next five years for $73 mil. Pleeeeease - not $8 buckos for a beer!

August 30, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary