By Marc Campos

"El" Fails To Bash,
Dem Wannabe

The "El" of "El DeLayberson", who is also a Senate District 7 GOP candidate, sent out a fundraising letter last week - never mentioned the paperless folks. A couple of weeks ago, "El" penned an immigrant bashing op-ed that ran in the Chron. Guess "El" figures that folks in Houston that give money to campaigns don't consider immigrant bashing a hot topic. Interesting about "El", he used to represent a council district in southwest Houston that had a whole lot of immigrants - he never bashed then. Funny things happen when you run in a GOP primary.

Commentary makes it a point never to disrespect the voter. Lot of candidates and consultants disrespect the voters. One of Laura Salinas' opponents is disrespecting the voters. A fella named Al Flores is running for the District 143 position. Flores ran unsuccessfully for Houston city council in 2001 and lost to the late State Representative Joe Moreno in the 2002 Dem primary. In 2003, he said "enough" and switched parties - he became a GOPer. The local GOP made a big deal out of him pulling the switcheroo. They held a reception in his honor and Flores supposedly signed a "Certificate of Party Affiliation."

In 2004, Flores voted in the GOP primary. This past weekend, he dropped a district wide mailer that says he's a Dem. Sorry Al, errr pal. Voters don't take kindly to being disrespected. A lot of them read the Chron. Some of them read last Friday's Chron that had an article about Flores trying to shed his GOP wardrobe. The District 143 voters know what's going on - don't even try to think about fooling them.

August 30, 2005, 9:00AM

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