By Marc Campos

Sarah Who? A Curve Ball? Huh!

“North to Alaska, going north, the rush is on!” That’s from the John Wayne movie that came out four years before Governor Sarah Palin was born.

Well, some Dems wanted a woman on the ticket. Send your thank you notes to John McCain. She’s young enough to be his daughter.

She’s the Governor of Alaska. She’s a hunter, an ethics crusader, and a former beauty queen contestant. It looks like she don’t need touching up for sure.

It ought to be interesting to see her and Biden mix it up on foreign affairs. Talk about experience - leave it up to McCain to throw us a curve ball.

Commentary is so pumped after last night that I’m going to figure out how Dante and I can cast at least three votes each for the entire Dem ticket this November and really pi__ off the GOP Voter Suppression Patrol – take that!

The McCain campaign reads Commentary. They read where I said they would leak their VP choice right before Obama spoke just to mess with Obama’s message. Instead they said out of respect to Obama’s historic night, they were sealing their lips – take that Commentary. Heck, the McCain campaign even spent 100 grand on ads congratulating Obama.

It’ll be a chicken sandwich lunch today thanks to ‘Stros catcher Humberto Quintero. Q hit a dinger yesterday afternoon that hit the foul, errr fair Chick-A-Filet pole which means if you were at the game you can go to a local Chick-A-Filet today only and turn in your game ticket for a free chicken sandwich – cool. The Cardinals come in for three this weekend. It will be the last time we see the Cards this season unless we meet them in the playoffs. Oh, we won yesterday thanks to Q, two dingers from Wiggintonner, and a good Backe performance – but still 16 back(e).

August 29, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary