By Marc Campos

HC Young Dumba___s!

The Harris County Young Dumba___s, errr Democrats officially became irrelevant to the local political process last night. At their endorsement meeting, they kicked James Rodriguez, The Lovely Wendy, the Campaign Skipper, The Young Political Consultant That Used To … and others off their membership rolls, all because they were afraid that James would get the endorsement for Houston City Council, District I. Apparently, they got their marching orders from some lower ups. I would call them a gutless bunch but that would actually be giving them a compliment. They ended up not endorsing in the race. The fella Max that runs the group just took his pack down the path of irrelevancy – way to go. The funny thing is James is 32 years old and a darn good young Democrat with exceptional Democratic Party cred. Heck, in 2000, James spent time in battleground states like Arkansas, PA, Wisconsin and Iowa trying to derail W. You know, there are a bunch of other groups endorsing in the race. The HC Young Dumba___s should never be taken serious – period!

So the right wing GOP U.S. Senator from Idaho now says he did nothing wrong. Hey, when Commentary has to go to the bathroom, I just look straight at the wall in front of me – that’s all. What’s so hard, pardon the pun, about that!

Speaking of spuds, the local GOP County Judge war was begins today – I think.

Bad Guys 1, Coop 0. Senor Ted, Ed’s brother, went with me last night to watch the Cecil Cooper managerial debut – it was ugly. 30 games left, 14 at home.

August 29, 2007 9:00AM

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