By Marc Campos

Deal Time, Willy T. And Everything Else

What's up with this Zogby poll showing Da Bell within 12 points of Guv Dude? Lady Foghorn only is at 9% albeit with a ton of money in the bank. Why do one out of every five Texans continue to support a guy who paints his 'stache and eyebrows? I even think his one liners are kind of stale. Heck, Commentary has better takes than The Kinkster.

I think it's time for Foghorn's Dem supporters to go visit with her and ask her to get out of the race. They need to tell her she's not going to make history this year. If she really wants Guv Dude out of office, then she needs to get out of the way and let Da Bell have a clear shot. To Foghorn's Dem money supporters, sorry fellas, your experiment didn't work out. It's not too late to make amends. It's time to cut a deal.

Astros Center Fielder Willy Taveras is in good company. He's on a 30 game hitting streak. Among those that have also had 30 game streaks are Tris Speaker, Stan Musial, George Brett and Nomar Garciaparra. Three and a half games out, the "Stros continue to make things interesting and attract folks to the yard. Be there!

A Latino Political Consultant I Respect thinks commentary is a crackhead. The Consultant thought the Angels looked like dogs Sunday night at the Emmys. Sure, they've probably had a little work done on them here and there, but they still looked pretty good - in my opinion.

My Best Friend's Daughter - her name is Lisette - just got engaged to be married. Congratualtions! Lisette is also my God Daughter. Mike is the lucky fella. Guess Mike now gets to go on our annual visit to another yard. Mike is from the ChiTown area, he's a Cubbie fan. How miserable is that? In real life, Mike makes a lot of noise for a living. He's in charge of all the entertainment that goes on during timeouts, breaks and halftimes at the Rocket games. That's a cool gig.

August 29, 2006, 9:00AM

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