By Marc Campos

A Houston School Board Race

Commentary can really say he's not involved in this one. Houston Independent School District (HISD) Trustee for District 1, Karla Cisneros, is not running for reelection. There are three announced candidates running for the vacancy: Richard Cantu, Natasha Kamrani, and Anne Flores Santiago. The election is this November 8. The district is 66% Latino, 26% Anglo, and 8% other. Cantu works for the city, Kamrani is a lawyer, and Santiago works for an EMS service.

Apparently Santiago has a lot of folks nervous. You see, she's the daughter of Houston Community College System Trustee Yolanda Navarro Flores. Flores is a former state representative and last year unsuccessfully challenged Houston State Senator Mario Gallegos in the Democratic Primary. Commentary has never met Santiago - don't know much about her. Commentary won't discount her candidacy - she has experienced campaign folks in her camp - folks that know how to win these kind of races.

Cantu also has knowledgeable folks involved in his campaign. He won the local Latino Dem organization endorsement.

Kamrani also has key players in her camp. Folks say she is a good campaigner.

Santiago and Cantu are of the Latino persuasion - not so Kamrani.

Ran into a non-Latino player the other evening, player, who has an interest in HISD, says folks tell him Santiago is going to win.

Some folks have a problem with Santiago because they don't like her mom. Most of these folks have never met Santiago, but they have met her mom.

Commentary has kind of seen this recently. Some folks have a problem with District 143 candidate Laura Salinas cause they don't like her aunt and uncle - former state representatives Diana Davila Martinez and Roman Martinez. Prior to the campaign, most of these folks had never met Salinas.

Sound fair?

August 29, 2005, 9:00AM

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