By Marc Campos

Take That!

You have to figure that the Clinton haters had a sleepless night last night. Now that President Clinton has reported for duty armed and dangerous, the haters are going to have to go back to making up stuff about the Clintons. In a first class show of unity, the Clintons handed the convention back to Obama.

Commentary is betting that the McCain campaign will leak the name of their VP choice before the Obama speech tonight just to mess with Obama’s message.

Tonight will be one of those nights where you order in a delicious meat lovers pizza, toss up a salad, crack open a nice bottle of red, and watch history in the making.

Remember when Commentary mentioned that some businesses were saving parking slots for folks like Commentary that drive Hybrids. In today’s Austin newspaper there is a story about a fitness club that designated slots for Hybrids and guess what – some lady in a Hummer purposely parked her rig in one of OUR slots – not cool.

Roy O was O-standing last night so was Wiggintonner who is batting .295 – not bad at all. Our problem is that we’re in the NL Central and still sixteen back.

August 28, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary