By Marc Campos

Labor Day March And Everything Else

Commentary has been participating in the planning of next Monday's (9/4/2006) Labor Day Immigrant's Rights March at 10 a.m. in Downtown Houston. The folks that are involved are a committed bunch. They are the kind of folks I like hanging with politically. I wonder how many local Dems are gonna get off of their a__es and participate and show support for the march? During the planning meeting yesterday, Jose from LULAC had a good one liner - "tacos are as American as apple pie." Nice one.

We're awash in Katrina One-Year-Later TV specials and remembrances. Ernesto is heading toward Florida and the question is being asked - are we better prepared for the next big one. Are you kidding? As long as W's in charge, we'll never be prepared. Come on, when was the last time this administration got anything right. Doing a heckuva job, W!

Speaking of W, a lot of local big shots (including my friend Drayton) sent a letter to the Chron to say it ain't so about W's Mom and kid brother on this HISD Ignition deal - some sort of education software that the kid brother is selling. The letter is signed by eight dudes. You would have thought they could have found a dudette or two to also sign the letter.

Houston City Council Member Carol Alvarado (errr, One Of My Best Friends) got some front page run in yesterday's Chron. Chronicle article on Carol Alvarado It was a good article.

Have you ever gone to a movie by yourself and be the only one in the theater? It happened to Commentary this past Friday. I took off early and went to see the 3:45 p.m. showing of "World Trade Center" at the Downtown movie house. I sat through the trailers waiting for folks to trickle in - nada, zilch, nobody. That's a pretty powerful movie to watch alone in a darkened theater.

"WTC" is a very good movie. See it. I had to go for the hanky a few times. Director Oliver Stone and cast members Nicolas Cage, Michael Pena, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Maria Bello should all get Oscar nominations. I thought Pena gave the best performance.

Who is Michael Pena? He's had a good year. Along with "WTC", he was in the ensemble cast of Best Picture winner "Crash." He played the locksmith. He also was the teacher/student advisor in the movie that helped spur a movement - HBO's "Walkout." I think we're going to be hearing a lot from this 30 year old actor.

Speaking of actors, did you check out last night's Emmy Awards Show? "Charlie's Angels" looked just as hot as they did when they made their debut 30 years ago. Jill, Sabrina and Kelly were absolutely stunning. Sabrina was my favorite Angel.

How do you make four bogeys in a row and still manage to win a PGA tournament? It's doable if your name is Tiger Woods. That's now four in a row for Tiger.

Ok, I'll say something about the 'Stros. I asked for three out of four in Pittsburgh and they came through. We now have three with the Brewers that we need to sweep. It helps that we'll be starting Roy O., Roger and Andy. We still have a pulse.

Leave it to My Best Friend to set me straight. It turns out the year (1971) Yankee Skipper Joe Torre won the batting title and MVP award with the Cardinals, he played 161 games - all at Third Base. The last six years of his career ('71 through '76) he kept going back and forth playing First and Third Base.

I'm not going to say anything - well, yes I am. The Texans' quarterback isn't having a good preseason. Well, what do you know.

August 28, 2006, 9:00AM

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