By Marc Campos

Hillary and The Bounce

From Carol Alvarado – Day 2 in Denver: “She sealed the deal! My friend Hillary Clinton was gracious and inspiring last night. Now it’s time to move forward in a unified effort for the Obama-Biden ticket!”

To all those talking heads that were cracking on Hillary before her speech – SHUT UP!

Commentary had a feeling that Hillary would come through big time. It is going to be tough to question her commitment from here on out.

Last week the McCain campaign predicted an Obama bounce in the polls of around 10 to 15 points after the Dem Convention. I don’t know about that. You see, in the old days when a political party had their national convention the other side would take the week off so the party that had their convention had a week of media to themselves. Heck, nowadays the other side is sitting in their opponents’ arena along side the cable talking heads providing minute by minute criticism and running ads against the candidate during the convention. You don’t get a free ride anymore.

As usual, Lone Star State Dems got the red state treatment and not so good seats at the convention. In Yard-speak, Illinois has the Diamond Level. New York and California have Club Seating. Massachusetts and Pennsylvania have Field Box seats. Lone Star State Dems are on the roof at Union Station on one of those hot August nights.

National delegates don’t get to see the talking heads on cable TV throughout the day during the convention. They’re not missing much.

100 years ago today LBJ was born. LBJ all the way!

It looks like DeLay might get off. His lawyer says the Travis County DA destroyed DeLay’s career. Who cares! Delay is irrelevant today.

Commentary felt like “The Marathon Man” yesterday – sort of. From the I didn’t know that department: Apparently, when your endodontic specialist – that’s a dentist that specializes in root canals - goes in and digs around on a previously rooted canal, you don’t need an anesthetic – ouch, not really.

Major League Baseball will introduce replays on disputed dingers tomorrow. Bad idea!

The only good thing about last night’s game was that it ended earlier than usual and allowed me to get to watch Hillary live. I had the folks at The Yard put it on the Jumbotron right after the game and a few of us Dem ‘Stros fans stuck around to watch. We’re back to .500 and sixteen way, way, way back.

August 27, 2008 9:00AM

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