By Marc Campos

The Absurdity of Picking Primaries, More on Latino Power, Baggy

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) slapped the state of Florida around this past weekend because Florida wants to hold their Dem Primary tomorrow. Who gives a rat’s arse? Who gets to go first anyway? Why in the heck does Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada or South Carolina get first dibs? Who decided that? Why slap Florida around when we are going to want them to vote blue next year.

Look, every state wants to go first. Commentary is getting tired of the argument that the little states ought to have an early say in the primaries. Sorry, pals. That’s why you are called little states. Nobody moves to little states, so why should Prez contenders spend a lot of time hanging out in states where nobody moves to – huh? Why should an Iowa have an advantage over a Florida – huh?

Look, we’re never going to make everyone happy on the primary schedule. So let’s get serious and hold regional primaries like I have suggested or do a lottery to determine the order of primaries. If we don’t get serious then we should not complain if some state decides to hold their primary this Halloween.

Al Gonzales is out. I wonder if he’s coming back to H-Town. Do you think folks were light on him because he was a Latino?

Latinos continue to rule at The Yard. The ‘Stros unveiled a Los Caballitos commercial this weekend – it was pretty cool and funny. In the ad, Los Caballitos promote an upcoming Numero 45 bobblehead giveaway.

Brad Lidge got lit again Friday night. Speaking of Latino Power, why not have a curandera give Lidge the once or twice over. It is pretty obvious Lidge has a real bad case of the susto.

“See you in Cooperstown” said Hall of Famer Carl Yastrzemski (via video) to Jeff Bagwell yesterday at Bagwell’s Jersey Number 5 retirement ceremony. Added Yaz - "Boston's loss was Houston's gain." Now that was real cool.

We’re off tonight then Albert Pujols and the Cards are in for three.

August 27, 2007 9:00AM

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