By Marc Campos

An Ace For Sure

Michelle Obama aced it last night. Commentary would recommend a debate between wannabee future First Ladies but Michelle would whup Cindy McCain so bad that the McCain camp would probably end up with some sympathy votes.

I thought the Ted Kennedy tribute was more of a tribute to Kennedy-Obama. They should have kept it focused on Kennedy – that’s just my opinion.

Here’s the Carol Alvarado Monday Report from Denver:

“This morning the Texas delegation was greeted by convention co-chairs State Senator Leticia Van de Putte and Governor Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas. Senator Van de Putte has done an outstanding job and is representing Texas well. Our delegation breakfast was filled with excitement and momentum. We have a delegation we can all be proud of, diverse in every way.

Many of us attended the Hispanic Caucus where Senator Hillary Clinton addressed the crowd. As always, she was great. I had an opportunity to visit with her briefly, she continues to amaze me. The caucus was well attended. It was amazing to see the growing number of Latino delegates from around the country, especially our youth.

The Texas delegation attended a very entertaining lunch reception with special guest Congressman Charlie Wilson. The congressman was upbeat and enthusiastic.

The first day of the convention featured many democratic national leaders, including members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Tom Harkin and so on. My highlight was the tribute to Senator Ted Kennedy. Michelle Obama brought the house down. Wow, what a great team we have to carry us to the White House!

Keeping Texas tradition, our delegation ended the evening with the Texas Gala at the Mile High Station.

P.S. State Senator Rodney Ellis and I have been exploring the bike trails. Denver is a very bike friendly community with over 800 miles of trails.”

On the Latino voter front, Daddy Yankee endorsed McCain yesterday – huh! Who in the heck is Daddy Yankee? I’m betting McCain didn’t know him either until he got endorsed by him yesterday. Of course, MariGirl who hangs around here is a kazillion years younger than Commentary knows who Daddy Yankee is. I wonder if there is a Daddy ‘Stro? There is a Daddy Padre. There’s also a Daddy O from B-More.

H-Town’s City Council got some bad front page pub in yesterday’s Chron. It turns out they spent a whole lot of taxpayer money on flat screen TVs. I hear the council floor at City Hall looks like a Best Buy showroom. Of course, the article didn’t say that Council Member James Rodriguez had returned $22,000 to the city budget.

Out at The Yard on Thursdays they have all you can eat day. For shelling out $35 a piece, you get a game ticket plus all the hot dogs, peanuts, popcorn, soft drinks, and water you can consume. Not a bad deal.

The ‘Stros played their last game ever at Shea yesterday, errrr, unless we meet the Mets in the playoffs. I think we need a whole lot of all you can score runs games. We’re home for six and fifteen…….way behind.

August 26, 2008 9:00AM

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