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Watching The Dems

CEWDEM is letting us know about all the Obama Speech Watching parties that are going to happen this Thursday evening. That’s a lot of watching!

There is an interesting piece in today’s Chron about the Latino vote in 2008. The article first appeared in yesterday’s SA Express News. Check it out.

Just like Commentary said would happen, now that their votes don’t matter, Florida and Michigan Dem delegations are now at full strength. I told you!

Yesterday, in its National Dem Convention coverage, the Chron had an inset of photos of Obama’s seven Texas advisers – not a single woman…..tsk, tsk, tsk.

Here’s what Carol Alvarado had to say on the Joe Biden selection: "Senator Biden is a tough and aggressive campaigner who we need to help us win back the White House. He is highly respected by his Senate colleagues. He is one of the country’s most knowledgeable and experienced leaders on foreign affairs. He's experienced the rigors of a presidential campaign, so he knows what to expect over the next 10 weeks. He’s a great Democrat. I look forward to campaigning on behalf of the ticket in my community."

From Carol Alvarado from the Democratic National Convention, a member of the Convention's Rules Committee:

“Saturday the Rules Committee (one of one only 3 standing committees of the convention), approved a resolution establishing The Democratic Change Commission. In no later than 60 days after the November election, the DNC will establish the commission to review:

1. Timing of the Primaries and Caucuses (for 2012 presidential election)- possibly requiring that all caucuses/ primaries will be held prior to first Tuesday in March of the election year and that no caucus /primary will be held before Feb 1st of the calendar year. The commission will also review the sequence and scheduling of primaries/ caucuses. This year we had 22 primaries on the same day!

2. Delegates- possibly reducing the number of unpledged party leader and elected official delegates in order to enlarge the role and influence of primary and caucus voters in the presidential nominating process.

3. Caucuses- the use of caucus/convention system for any stage of the delegate selection process by any State Democratic Party shall be approved by the DNC Rules & Bylaws Cmte. The goal is to ensure that at each stage, any caucus or convention will be adequately planned, organized and staffed!

The commission will consist of 35 members and 2 co-chairs, Membership will be divided equally between men and women and shall be geographically and demographically diverse. Members will be appointed by the Chair of the DNC.

We approved the permanent officers of the convention:

Permanent Chair: Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Governor Kathleen Sebelius
State Senator Leticia Van de Putte (a Tejana!)
Mayor Shirley Franklin

Vice Co-Chairs;
Governor Christine Gregoire
Congressman Robert Wexler
Mayor Michael Coleman
Maria Elena Durazo

Alice Travis Germond

We also approved the rules for the convention. No controversy, just a lot of unity.”

Carol Alvarado, a former Houston City Council Member, the Democratic nominee for State Representative, District 145 in Harris County, and a National Delegate is one of 25 members that are appointed to the Rules Committee by the Chairman, Governor Dean. Each standing committee of the convention consists of 186 members. (25 appt by chair and the remainder come from states and Dems Abroad).

I wonder what the Austin website fella who called out H-Town’s Mayor last week has to say about the City of Austin’s City Manager who apparently dissed a dozen or so cream of the crop Latino leaders – according to recent articles in the Austin American Statesman. I wonder what kind of take the Austin website fella will have on his burg’s racial brouhaha.

A whole lot folks showed up for H-Town Council Member James Rodriguez’ community breakfast meeting with Bill King this past Saturday.

The U.S. of A. won the most Olympic medals. China won the most gold medals. I’m betting that in 2012, China will win the most gold and total medals.

The ‘Stros have taken two of three from the NL East leading Mets but we’re still fourteen back – what is going on?

August 25, 2008 9:00AM

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